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Choosing the right school management system 

We want school leaders to be quite sure Narrative is the App for them.

Before taking such a big decision, you will want to explore its features and potential.  

Put Narrative to the test

Find out how Narrative delivers on its promises to benefit your school community. 

Book a hands-on demo now.

Before Narrative starts to work for you we configure it to your requirements.

We do this for you as much as possible before we activate your system.

We’ve found that schools find it easier to adopt the system when it already contains familiar core information.

First steps
  • Complete the registration form

  • Approve and sign the service contract and data protection agreement

  • Complete the school configuration questionnaire (online)

  • Upload your staff and student profiles

  • Book your training sessions

We activate your Narrative App a few days in advance of the training sessions and provide a telephone walk-through for your lead user in advance of the training.

If you need any further changes to your configuration we aim to do that in advance of the training session.  

Three on-site training sessions

We provide three training sessions for your main groups

  • Key leadership

  • Administrators

  • Teaching and ancillary staff. 

We aim to complete these sessions on one day, if the school can timetable this.

Our support package

You can use our support service from the day your contract is signed. We provide: -

  • Support for staff induction - building participation and engagement.
  • An online feedback and query link on every page
  • Page usage guides
  • Instant response via the support chat window
  • Further training on request

Annual subscription fee

We offer a one year subscription for a fee based on the number of students and users you intend to add to your Narrative system. You can use the calculator below to obtain your school's subscription fee.

Set-up costs

The one-off setup fee of £600 covers all your initial support, training*, and configuration costs.  

*Assumes the three training sessions take place on the same day.

Subscription and setup costs are subject to VAT