Try it for yourself before you buy

Your Narrative system can be ready to go within 7 days

provided you send us the required information and startup details promptly.

The best way to find out how Narrative can help you work more effectively and manage your curriculum progression model is to request a demo.

Request a demo


To register your school please complete registration form

Within 24 hours you will receive by email our service contract and data protection agreement, with our GDPR compliance pack. 

Sign the two agreements and return them by email or surface mail. On receipt we will initiate your live Narrative system within 3 days.

To do so, we will need you to provide some key information so that we can configure your system to match your school's needs.

Registration form


On-boarding is jargon for getting your data loaded into the App, setting things up to suit your school's needs, and bringing staff 'on-board'.

We provide a step-by-step guide and telephone or instant messaging support.

Upload guides are provided on the system and every page has its own how-to guide.


Registered users have access to training videos. Guidance information is provided on every page.

A half-day of in-school training is included in your registration fee.

Subscription fee

We offer a one year subscription for a fee based on the number of students and users you intend to add to your Narrative system.