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'Pen and paper in the cloud'

Narrative is uniquely designed to be like your pen and paper in the cloud. Its easy to create forms to collect all types of data, and to write notes or add documents, organised in whatever way you want. Notes and forms can be linked together to create whatever type of record you want. 

These can be quickly retrieved by selecting the tags you assigned to the note, or by reviewing individual pupils or staff members records.

Student/Pupil module

Narrative brings together the full narrative for each child's learning journey, well-being and social development. Use it to capture the data and the story behind it.

Use tags to 

  • Create a portfolio of each pupil’s best work
  • Track and manage extracurricular activities like Duke of Edinburgh awards
  • Monitor pupil engagement and intervene early
  • Record commendations
  • Monitor and respond promptly to personal and social development concerns
  • Track and manage alternative provision
  • Manage care plans
  • Maintain a robust record of observations of concern, in SEND, Health, Conduct, Incidents,  Accidents, and Near Misses, Harassment, Cyber-bullying, Discrimination , Pupil premium, Therapy, and EHC plans and updates and record the actions you have taken in response.
  • Manage student and staff safeguarding

Regardless of the type of information you are recording, schools can decide whether the relevant information needs to be recorded as a simple note, or to require additional information which may be in the form of an attachment, an additional note, or one or more forms.

Narrative will enable you to record data in whatever way your school policies define.

We understand what schools need - these our production values. 

  • Narrative helps all users become active users.
  • Narrative helps schools apply their policies to their MIS, (not the other way round!)
  • Narrative helps meet the differing needs of direct contact staff and managers.
  • Narrative helps schools develop robust data sharing policies
  • Narrative helps help school leaders achieve transformational change in staff behaviour

Staff module

Narrative provides staff self-evaluation frameworks for teachers, learning assistants, senior leaders, administrators and therapists. Additional standards for other roles can be uploaded.

Supervision and appraisal.meeting minutes can be maintained on each staff member's pages. But in addition forum enables managers to keep a real-time record of noteworthy events throughout the year and view these on a timeline in supervision meetings. ,

Managers can keep records of:

  • Staff achievements 
  • Actions required       
  • CPD objectives         
  • 'Manager rating (positive and negative)
  • Minutes of meetings               
  • Professional development 
  • Safeguarding and child protection training

There is no limit to the range or type of information you can maintain.

For example, you may wish to keep car insurance records, if your staff transport children in their own cars. You may want to record first-aider competencies for your staff group, or gather information about staff well-being.

You can maintain your single central register of staff on Forum, too.

Curriculum progress module

Narrative comes preloaded with the whole national curriculum (nearly 1600 objectives) for KS1 - KS3 plus a full PSHE curriculum framework (KS1 - KS4).

The way Ofsted inspects schools is changing from September 2019.

These dramatic changes are welcome educationally, but this obviously deprecates schools’ current MIS systems and creates a need.  Narrative is already configured to support the curriculum progression model, making it easy to generate programmes of study, schemes of work, unit plans, mark-books, and other curriculum planning and delivery tools

Matthew Purves (Ofsted’s deputy director for schools) says, “…a vast amount of teachers' time is absorbed into recording, collecting and analysing excessive progress and attainment data… And, in fact…they and we can’t be sure that it is valid and reliable information.”

Heather Fearn (Curriculum Lead for Ofsted) says: “The Curriculum is the progression model.”

The Times Educational Supplement says, “Clearly not all schools are happy about this proposal… those that have invested in tracking systems…  almost entirely with Ofsted in mind, only to be told that inspectors will ignore it.”

SecEd says, “…judgements on the breadth and depth of a school’s curriculum (are) to be placed at the core of school inspection…”

The video explains how Narrative provides schools with the means to centrally manage your entire school curriculum with flexibility, efficiency  and clarity. 


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