Your data security

Narrative Forum Ltd is compliant with GDPR. 

Full details of our policies and how we make sure our data safeguarding complies with the GDPR requirements are provided on registration.

You can also request this information using the contact form.

Narrative maintains high standards of data security

  • Data is encrypted in transfer using the same level of security as banks, stored on secure servers located within the UK, and backed up frequently.
  • Once the data leaves your device you can be sure it is completely secure.
  • The main data security risks arise when users do not apply appropriate data security policies
  • Users will be automatically logged out of the system if they do not use it for 15 minutes.

But this still leaves 15 minutes during which an unattended computer can be accessed by someone who else. And staff using the system in a busy locality may be unaware their screen is visible to someone else.

Good practice guidelines

Users should therefore be reminded of the five basic data security rules: -

  • never leave your device unattended and open
  • when you finish using Narrative, log out of the App, and close any browser windows you may have opened.
  • when other people are around, make sure no-one can see your screen
  • user a strong password and make sure no-one else knows it
  • make sure your device is protected from malware and spyware and all applications are up to date.

How Narrative ensures managers can always be clear about accountability

Every time users write a note they are required to specify exactly who can view the note and the information in it (The system will not allow ‘viewing by default’).  This means that the user posting the information is accountable for who it is shown to, because it cannot be posted until the user actively says who can view it.