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The Good Relationships Method relies on a simple principle: people are far more likely to do what you want if they like you. In fact when people don't like you, they stop co-operating. This methodology (also known as 'Relational Skills') enables adults working with children to build strong relationships of trust even with children who have poor social and relational skills.


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This website explains how you can apply the Good Relationships Method in your work and your school.


The conduct curriculum


In a crowded world, we all need to learn how to get along with people - at home, on the roads, at the shops, the park or on holiday… and at school.

When there are conduct issues, it is because the child is struggling to manage their social and personal needs and lacks the means to communicate that effectively. 

If we want to teach them how to keep the rules we all live by, we need a learning framework - a curriculum for personal and social competency.



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Good relationships
and behaviour policy


A school's ethos is summed up in its behaviour policy.

Our policy promotes strong relationships of trust and restorative approaches to wrong-doing, and applies a high support with high accountability strategy.

This policy has been used for more than a decade in a school for children with complex learning needs.

In that time the school never had to resort to permanent exclusion and achieved above average outcomes for its leavers.



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Make me like you!


The most effective way to develop and increase positive motivation in students is to use non-coercive approaches because motivation is, fundamentally, a voluntary process. If we are forced to do something, when the force is removed we are likely to stop.

We cannot make someone like us - or trust us - only give them reasons for doing so.

As adults, we can model good relationship skills, teach children about the benefits of co-operation, and help them manage their feelings.



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Does this poster belong in the staff room or the classroom? Or both?

There are many lessons we can all learn from this poster (and a free professional development activity pack) more


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