Meeting your curriculum management and community development needs

  • Comprehensive curriculum progress management 
  • Student progress tracking and welfare support.
  • Staff professional development and training

The changes Ofsted are making from September create great opportunities for teachers and schools to focus effectively on helping children learn.

Narrative provides an economic way to achieve better outcomes and encourages school teams to work together to deliver a common curriculum.

It's the only MIS specifically designed to meet the needs of schools being inspected under the new arrangements starting in September.

No frills and no inflated subscription fees

Narrative provides all the essentials in simple formats so input pages are clear and easy to understand.

With 'single entry points' for different kinds of information, staff don't need to be system experts - just choose to write a note or pick a form.

We think our subscription fee is highly competitive - use the subscription calculator to find out what your annual fee would be.

A shared whole school framework for teaching

Narrative enables schools to organise and record their curriculum intent, implementation and impact, and demonstrate this when asked.

With the school's entire curriculum plan accessible online, teachers can easily co-ordinate their planning across subjects, and school leaders can monitor and promote good progress in learning.

All the information Ofsted may require in one place.

The Narrative App provides a web-based platform enabling schools to develop their curriculum progress model collaboratively to manage long-term and short-term planning, track progress, link pupils’ well-being with progress, develop SEND scaffolding frameworks, and more. It also supports continuing professional development especially in curriculum expertise.    

link to video on curriculum

Watch this three minute video to understand how Narrative matches the new Ofsted inspection framework.

progress icon and info

Build an enduring school curriculum progress framework
Use the national curriculum (pre-loaded) as your foundation and starting point.
Plan and track pupils' progress and well-being collaboratively.
Grow the school’s curriculum resource bank.


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Your pen and paper in the cloud. 
Organise your data  in whatever way you want. 
Use and build on our library of data collection forms.
Share and protect sensitive safeguarding information

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Achieve transformational change in staff behaviour
Use the pre-loaded evaluation frameworks for all roles or add your own.
Record supervisions appraisals, and point-in-time observations and track on the CPD timeline
Set and monitor staff development objectives linked to the school development plan

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“the aim from the beginning was to create something which was as flexible as pen and paper with all the benefits that data processing can bring”. 

Find out why schools are saying this is a real breath of fresh air!