Skills-set and Training

The Good Relationships Method offers professionals a framework for understanding children with social emotional and mental health needs. 

The method is a synthesis of best working practices which share a core ethic of 'minimum coercion'.  The method also works really well with children who don't have SEMH needs, so using the method does not divide the children.

The method brings together a set of communications skills, narrative skills, and restorative approaches.  The seven-factor  model for relationship growth which is at the heart of the method is original to Narrative.

Communications Skills


  • Positive listening Skills
  • Non-coercive Communications skills
  • Nonverbal communications
  • Helping children talk about difficult subjects
  • Hearing and sharing needs and feelings with children
Restorative processes
  • The co-operative paradigm
  • The restorative progress ladder
  • Developing the restorative narrative
  • Family and carer engagement
  • The Hikairo principles
  • Managing shame positively
Narrative skills
  • The 7-factor relationship model
  • The voluntariness-coercion spectrum
  • Appreciative enquiry
  • The internal boundary and how to avoid burn-out
  • Getting the inside perspective
  • De-fragmentation techniques 
Distance learning programme
Trial session free
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Distance Learning Programme
Thursdays 5pm - 6pm


Join this new weekly training workshop from any connected device and browser (no download required).

The first session is free. Trainees then sign up to workshops in blocks of four (£45 per block). 

The fee includes weekly workshops, coaching, and training resources.

Participation in this course is required before trainees can register for the two day Summer course.

Facilitated by Adam Abdelnoor (see origins) using accelerated learning principles adapted for distance learning.


Weekly training workshop

  • Facilitator Presentation (10 minutes)
  • Discussion and development (15 minutes).
  • Live case reviews with trainee presentations (25 minutes)
  • Action planning (10 minutes)



On-line individual support and guidance through the Narrative Forum training channel.


Action research training

Trainees are invited to independently research aspects of the Good Relationships Method and report back to the group. 

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Becoming a Good Relationships Practitioner


Two day training course

Waterfront Meeting Rooms, Bristol

Friday July 17th and Saturday, July 18th

This course is open to people who have also completed the distance learning programme.

£575 per person (20% discount if reserved before March 31st 2020)

Review the venue (Location, directions, parking maps)


  • To obtain full details of the training offer and course content please reserve a place on the course.
  • You can do this before completing the on-line training programme provided you have started  the programme before March 31st. 
  • No payment or card details are required.
  • You can cancel your reservation at any time.


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